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Below are some sample projects to illustrate my consulting, analyst and mentoring work engagements. I am available for traditional consulting arrangements, part-time direct hire, and partnership or sub-contracting with other consulting teams. To engage me in a consulting, analysis or mentoring engagement, contact or (614) 382-0376

Latest Projects


Partnered with a local consultant team on a study of people, processes and technlogy for a government agency. Primary deliverables included a board presentation and a more detailed report for leadership. Recommendations included short-term, quick win solutions as well as a longer-term roadmap for improvements. I served as principal for the technology arm of this project and contributed to the "people" side, including proposing organizational changes for the IT team and determining technical talent needed to realize organizational goals. As consultant partners, we worked together to assist each other, to share information and to ensure collaboration and alignment of recommendations.


Mentor leaders through phone calls, emails, text, IM, coffee or lunch meetings, visiting onsite, and observing meetings. Discuss goals with executives and the leaders who report to them and ensure shared understanding of success criteria and behaviors to model. 


Consulted with a mid-sized company on HR technology strategy, product options and a plan for how to select and implement technology. I shared information and provided resources for the client to learn about the industry and helped them craft a strategy and plan. After our engagement, they were equiped to move forward with the selection process with a better understanding of what they needed and with less concern about having the wool pulled over their eyes. 

“I've known Kelly as an HR technology industry leader for over 10 years now. She never ceases to impress me with her knowledge, quick analysis and ability to advise my leadership team on the industry trends and capabilities. I highly recommend Kelly as an HR technology analyst as well as a consultant and mentor.”

- James Snyder, Mass Mutual

​“I've known Kelly for many years. Through her example, I’ve learned to be more collaborative and she regularly provided me with feedback to help me learn how I can improve. Kelly has always kept her word with me. I feel I can be open with Kelly because of the trust we built from the beginning. Even when we don't see eye to eye on a particular topic, she has always remained open which has allowed me to be creative in ways that I feel allow me to contribute my best. Kelly’s strength is always present. She faces change head on even when the future is uncertain. Most of all, I know Kelly cares and that is why I seek to continue to learn from her leadership and guidance.”

- Ricky Gilbert, Netflix

“I have worked with Kelly in the technology field for several years. Kelly has a unique ability to envision technology trends and is a highly qualified expert in the HR Technology field. Kelly has expertise with all aspects of technology strategy and implementation while always keeping the human factor at the center of her work. Kelly deftly works with her teams to empower people and provide fertile proving grounds for innovative thinking and problem solving.  Kelly receives my highest recommendation, her expertise and caring would be an enormous asset to any organization.”

​​- Christina Alutto, Dublin City Council and Government Agency Executive

“Kelly nurtured my natural talents and provided learning opportunities and projects that stretched my skills and ultimately improved them. She set such a great example in her professionalism, project management skills and strategic planning which has served me well in progressively more responsible roles.”

​​- Whitney Tapp, The Ohio State University

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